St. Catherine's at Bell Gable | Family Photography | Taylor Family

I was honored recently to be asked to photograph the Taylor family! Keith Taylor is a renown wedding and event coordinator in the Northwest Arkansas area. He has helped with countless weddings throughout the years, many of which I have been thrilled to photograph! It was such a joy to meet his beautiful family this summer. We met up at St. Catherine's at Bell Gable for perfect sunlit photos surrounded by the beautiful greenery around the chapel. Keith's wife, Angela, looked stunning in white with turquoise jewelry accents and the guys looked handsome in gray shirts and denim skinny jeans. We had a blast walking around and finding the perfect spots for photos! It was amazing to capture this wonderful family and all the love they all have for each other! Enjoy! PhotoLove_Taylor01PhotoLove_Taylor02PhotoLove_Taylor03 PhotoLove_Taylor04 PhotoLove_Taylor05PhotoLove_Taylor06 PhotoLove_Taylor07 PhotoLove_Taylor08PhotoLove_Taylor09 PhotoLove_Taylor10PhotoLove_Taylor11 PhotoLove_Taylor12 PhotoLove_Taylor13PhotoLove_Taylor14 PhotoLove_Taylor15 PhotoLove_Taylor16PhotoLove_Taylor17PhotoLove_Taylor18PhotoLove_Taylor19 PhotoLove_Taylor20PhotoLove_Taylor21 PhotoLove_Taylor22 PhotoLove_Taylor23PhotoLove_Taylor24 PhotoLove_Taylor25 PhotoLove_Taylor26PhotoLove_Taylor27 PhotoLove_Taylor28 PhotoLove_Taylor29PhotoLove_Taylor30 PhotoLove_Taylor31PhotoLove_Taylor32St. Catherine's at Bell Gable | Family Photography | Taylor Family