Bentonville Arkansas | Engagement Photography | Jessica + Brett

I absolutely adore this couple! Jessica didn't stop smiling once during their engagement session and Brett looked completely smitten! We met up at Crystal Bridges and later went to a field nearby which was perfect for bright photos as the sun set. I love the colors that they chose to wear for their session. Jessica's pink aztec print skirt and Brett's plaid button up added fun pops of color against the green background of Crystal Bridges. It was so much fun to capture the love these two have for each other! I can't wait for their upcoming wedding! PhotoLove_JB01 PhotoLove_JB02 PhotoLove_JB03 PhotoLove_JB04 PhotoLove_JB05 PhotoLove_JB06 PhotoLove_JB07 PhotoLove_JB08 PhotoLove_JB09 PhotoLove_JB10PhotoLove_JB11 PhotoLove_JB12 PhotoLove_JB13 PhotoLove_JB14PhotoLove_JB15 PhotoLove_JB16PhotoLove_JB17 PhotoLove_JB18 PhotoLove_JB19 PhotoLove_JB20PhotoLove_JB21 PhotoLove_JB22 PhotoLove_JB23 PhotoLove_JB24 PhotoLove_JB25Bentonville Arkansas | Engagement Photography | Jessica + Brett