Featured on Two Bright Lights


Jennifer and Nick's romantic picnic in the country has been featured on the reputable website Two Bright Lights. "A shared picnic, wine for two, and a sunny afternoon in the countryside — these are the things that make up this quaint love session. In celebration of their feelings for each other, these two sweeties got together with Photo Love for a day that focused entirely on intimacy, time together, and, of course, romance. The photos that resulted from their gorgeous picnic in the blooming spring countryside couldn’t be more breathtaking. Jennifer donned long, flowing dresses, a statement necklace and a sun hat which all spoke to the warm and glowy atmosphere and Nick kept it casual with jeans and button down shirts. The simplicity of their day speaks volumes about their effortless feelings for each other and shows that their true love is easy and uncomplicated. So here’s to love and happily ever after (and picnics)!" Two Bright Lights Feature