Magnolia Gardens Wedding | Springdale, Ar | Amy + DJ


Hello Photo Love followers, Happy Tuesday! Today we have an elegant fairytale wedding to share with you all! Amy and DJ had a Magnolia Gardens Wedding, in Springdale, AR! This lovely couple has a very cute love story that leads right into the theme of their wedding perfectly! Amy and Dj met at Opera in the Ozarks in Eureka Springs, AR during summer 2012, when they were cast as the adorable couple named Papageno and Papagena in The Magic Flute (by Mozart). Amy tells us that after a particularly rough day, she confined in DJ and they spent the rest of the day together, and after stargazing that same evening outside the theater, they fell in love and began dating officially two days later. The rest is history!

Magnolia Gardens provided Amy and DJ with the perfect area to create vintage "tea party-esque" day for their special day to share with friends and family. Amy's love for tea parties came from an early start from her grandmother who collected tea pots, and her fascination with Jane Austen's novels featuring luxurious outdoor tea parties with beautiful fine china and the stunning grounds; Amy and DJ's theme was largely inspired by these thoughts. An even greater source of inspiration for them was a sense of family togetherness. They incorporated this by collecting as many family treasures and previous family wedding photos as possible. Amy's grandfather even preformed the ceremony!

For Amy the highlights of the day were  the first look, reading of the vows, interacting with guests, dancing with her two favorite men, and DJ's surprise serenade.

We loved the fairytale feeling at this wedding and had so much fun with this couple on their big day!


Magnolia Gardens had the perfect mix of stunningly beautify grounds and a vintage house with a great story.

We love Amy's choices of crisp mint green and soft pastel pink as wedding party colors. These colors naturally married with her princess-like dress and outdoor tea party theme!

Amy and DJ filled a hutch with multiple generations of china and featured wedding photographs from many generations of both sides of the merging family.

We loved these picnic blanket set ups, they really brought a sense of family time and closeness to the afternoon.