American Chinese Wedding | The Garden Room Fayetteville | Shu Lan + Bryan


There were too many wonderful details in this wedding to narrow down my favorites. Shu Lan and Bryan had a unique wedding to say the least. They hand made over 1,000 origami cranes, have their wedding bands were hand made in Japan, had pies from Spring Street Grill, did a choreographed bride and groom dance during the reception, and the fusion of two families. During the ceremony a Chinese tradition is to have the groom preform certain tasks to win over the bride's parent's. Check out the hilarious photos! Shu and Bryan left the party on a vintage red bicycle! Shu Lan also wore the traditional red chinese dress during the reception. You can find Shu Lan's gorgeous bridal session on the blog HERE. Enjoy the fascinating details of this American Chinese fusion wedding.

I just love when the bride and groom want to have a "First Look" before the ceremony. I like capturing their reactions!

During the ceremony Bryan had to preform a few tasks to win over the bride's parents. He and the best man had to catch a piece of toast between their heads and their bums. Then Bryan had to recite as many chinese words as he could. Next Bryan had to perform Black Eye Peas "My Humps" for all the weddings guest. Last the groom and groom's men had to do a series of yoga positions.  If he and groom's men failed they had to pick a punishment of drinking lemon juice, a gross chinese vegetable drink, a spoon full of butter, and a spoon full of wasabi. They had to eat all of them ; )

Once all the tasks were performed and Shu Lan's parents accepted traditional Chinese red envelope $99.99 Bryan had to get from the guests, the ceremony began.

Concluding the ceremony Shu Lan and Bryan served tea to their parent's and grandparents as a part of the Chinese wedding tradition. Shu Lan then received gifts of gold bracelets and  money.

Shu Lan and Bryan started out their first dance like any other. Then the music changed to hip hop and they broke out into a hilarious choreographed dance!

American Chinese Wedding | The Garden Room Fayetteville | Shu Lan + Bryan

Venue: The Garden Room

Catering: The Garden Room

Wedding Dress: She Said Yes

Bride's Shoes: She Said Yes ("Glennis helped me with everything!")

Bridesmaid Dresses: JCrew

Makeup Artist: Keith at Luxe Beauty

Hair/Salon: Heather Fulbright at Solange The Salon

Jewelry: Pearls from She Said Yes,  Gold was given by family members

Wedding Rings: Hand made by Mr. Matayoshi in Okinawa Japan

Groom’s Tux: Bride 'N Groom

Groomsmen Tuxes: Bride 'N Groom

Cakes:  Strawberry Pie from Wagon Wheel Cafe and Spring Street Grill

Florist:  Jack MacKenzie of Woodbine Mead LLC

Entertainment:  DJ (Bo Counts)